Analysis of the skills of mass mailing in the promotion of talent websites 1

wrote some talent website promotion article in the Admin5 website, a lot of people and I discuss QQ talent network talent promotion skills, thanks to the Admin5 website of the platform would also like to thank those like-minded friends, they also learned a lot from that I did not think of the east east, than the one in front of the computer cudgel thinking much better. I have been engaged in talent website promotion, the first stage is in charge of 1+1 talent network ( promotion work, which have tried many methods of promotion, and everyone today to explore a way of talent mail promotion website, may I say some drawbacks and far fetched, but only as a a reference for everyone.

The era of rapid

network, every day most of our people have received a lot of spam, spam for it is impossible to guard against, often just deleted over and then sent to people, particularly disgusted. So, as enterprises, especially talent website promotion, really need to use mail for mass promotion, how to let us send the mail will not suffer the same experience,


key: careful and patient,

mail promotion work mainly includes the following points:

mail objects: directional and non directional

mailing address collection: manual acquisition, software acquisition, etc.;

send mail by hand: send by hand and send by software;

mail content: title, address, text, etc.; text content, picture content; try to recruit some relevant information and topics, can cause everyone’s sympathy (such as: civil service exam, etc.)

mailbox settings: sender name, signature, and auto reply settings;

mail design: common text form, web form, etc.; (bring links to the website, talent web site is the amount of enterprise registration and personal job registration)

mail delivery time: before the official bulk mail, you can test first, how long to send Email every time the best results. For example, shop owners can test different time period (one week, two weeks, three weeks) to the user to send mail, which test time interval the user’s click rate is the highest, so in actual operation by sending frequency that is better than a hair without thinking.

mail effect monitoring: mail statistics analysis.

mail promotion, in general, is divided into three steps:

1, preliminary preparation: collect email address.

2, sending mail (including content and title writing of marketing letters).

3, collect replies, follow up.

well, what details should we pay attention to at every stage of the promotion process?


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