Sacrificing user experience in exchange for traffic detrimental to long term development

I inadvertently visited a website yesterday, is the promotion of the class site. The URL and site name is not revealed, doing well, the rich and updated in a timely manner, the layout of the page is also quite good, although there is no traffic information query and the PR value, but the feeling of website through the search engine traffic should attract many. The website lacks a bit, column and article home page show too much, too tight, looks too complicated, messy, although the home page shows a large amount of information, but it is not easy to completely see and click by the user. For first-time users, they give them a sense of loss and confusion, and may find themselves useful in the face of rich information without knowing where to start. At this time, understand why some websites do very simple home page, but the flow and user viscosity is very good reason.

, the role of the user experience is enormous. Web search engine can not blindly superstition, rely on search engines to attract traffic, if there is no user experience to reconcile the relationship between users and websites, the user is difficult to accumulate, short-term traffic unreliable, is not conducive to long-term development. Clear and concise page, even if there is no content rich, to seize the user’s browsing habits, learn to use a variety of techniques to guide the users to browse, get a good user experience, the accumulation of long-term users, will be conducive to the long-term development of the site.

in addition, the author browsed the website and found a problem. Home navigation below is embedded in Google’s station search, which was supposed to benefit the user experience. However, I found that the search box has a row of not obvious dislocation. The line of the website is dislocated into the search box, and the font color is white and transparent. It is difficult to find the mouse without putting it on. Users search, the mouse into the search box, accidentally click on the site column link, and can not be successfully carried out search. Do not know is the layout of the web design problems, or the webmaster intentionally?. If it’s a web design flaw, this obvious technical error can leave users with a bad experience, and many users who can bring two visits to the site may not come back next time. If it is deliberate, in order to cheat click, then the user may be fooled. But this is just a click, and a few users go second more times, unless your website really has something he needs. Short term traffic can not be used for a long time, let alone hide links to deceive from the station click. Only a good user experience can bring stable users.

Baidu December algorithm frequently updated, but also enable the new phoenix nest system. Search engines are becoming more and more important to the user experience of the website. Original articles and links will be higher and higher. This is the SEO community that "content is king, links to the emperor" of the famous. User experience in the past and search engine optimization is difficult to hook, and now the user experience and SEO increasingly close relationship, and get better SEO effect potential, it is necessary to improve user experience. The user experience of the website generally includes the choice of advertising, the optimization of links, the layout of the website, the browsing style of the page

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