Designer’s Babel a brief talk on design communication

heard the story before. The children in the South didn’t see snow, so they didn’t know what snow was. The teacher said the snow was pure white, and the children thought the snow was a salt; the teacher said the snow was cold; the children thought the snow was ice cream; the teacher said the snow was thin, and the children imagined the snow as sand. Finally, children describe snow in exams: the snow is pale yellow and the taste is cold and salty. From this story, whether you can think of that little thing between the designer and product manager or marketing specialist? Talk about my understanding of communication problems existed in design, and summarizes some methods of communication, I hope to give the novice or is this brain injury with you a little help.


does the designer often have problems like this at work:


needs to point to the design that the button should be a little bigger. It’s better to change the color to red. Not enough air! # * ($%&)…. Or, because the communication is not smooth, not clear, leading designers to product or understanding of the demand is wrong, later spent a lot of time to discuss, to modify or optimize.


and so on, really make designers miserable, we often complain that product managers do not have the eye, or expression of problems, wasting everyone’s time. As everyone knows, this is a communication problem between the two sides.

in my opinion, the beginning of the design of the communication is very important, is the crystallization of design work team, with little pinch. Demand is not clearly described, out of the son, product managers do not seem to be biological, of course, unhappy. The current period will discuss the nose mouth ear what, in the process of further discussion on pinch refinement, it is natural to the satisfaction of all the ugly is Za son, born in the joint efforts of both sides, so it can avoid unnecessary disputes later, reduce the cost of communication. Therefore, timely and effective communication is very important.

what is communication,


communication is a broad and profound knowledge, and in any field, any division of labor, can not avoid communication. Whether reporting to subordinates or cooperating among colleagues. Designers are no exception, when receiving demand or intervention needs, we need to communicate with the demand side, user research, you need to communicate with users. The snow story, to its reason, because of poor communication or information asymmetry caused by the incomplete. The so-called communication, is the exchange of ideas and information between people, is to convey information from one person to another, gradually spread process. This is the interpretation of Baidu Encyclopedia of "communication" to do. Yes, in short, communication is the transmission of information.

the relationship between the demand side and the designer

in a project, product manager >

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