Are you a station owner who is easy to die

many websites are very big, very strong, but can’t resist the risk, die quickly, die very fast, die very suddenly, live, is the webmaster’s starting point, but also the webmaster always pay attention to the problem.

, are you an easy site to die? Have you ever thought about that? If not, let’s think about it.

, look at the death case around us. has always been the best of its kind in the video industry, and the company’s No. 300 is working on the market.

one day, dead, that’s all. One hundred times dead, maybe no longer before, maybe no longer up, dead. Who would have thought who could save


Yunxiao Pavilion, a legendary grassroots hero, 800 thousand IP novel website, whether it is webmaster or Internet users psychology, are tough novel network, and webmaster.

one day, dead, so, no longer up, and then can not find the page, died, you can expect, you can save it,


wakao, a silent big website, map, entertainment popular forum once reached 20 thousand a day, one day, was arrested, because a section of some yellow, dead, so quietly. Can’t find the page again, see everybody all same problem, often walk by the river, where can not wet shoes, you can expect, can you revive?


network, every day tens of thousands of IP, the webmaster every day in a few federal money, every day at the Baidu ranking, one day of rain, a bang, Baidu quit, traffic suddenly shrink to the usual 1/10 no income, called Baidu, rage against the wall. Died, waited for half a month, the network still did not live, how to revive.

so, a very good idea, very good technology, one day, not in the technology, data is black, spent 4 years a total of one hundred thousand members, all from the beginning, the cold front, the website is dead, and also can not restore strength. Dead, can you save it,


a certain network to do very well, every month is not a paragraph of money, relaxed and happy, carefree. Suddenly one day, another similar website is pulled up quickly, looking at their members have turned to look at each other, the popularity quickly occupy the market, and their suffering was irretrievable. How to save.

some very good creative network got the first aid, in the target plate and own more and more big, more and more close, have spent money, lean, when cash strapped is dead or alive. If you insist, you need more money, where to find, the future in the misty. Dead or alive?.


too many ways to kill, attack, be black, competition, policy, copyright, lawsuit, and a lot of small problems can kill us quickly.  , I died today because of the lack of timely backup

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