How many stationmaster depend on a station annual income achieves 20000 yuan

How many

Adsense on a station of the annual income reached 20000 yuan by the so-called advertising alliance? How much revenue? A few million? I do stand for more than 2 years, there has been no published articles. Recently on the Internet to see a lot of SEO master to do website ranking how high, how to browse. But why don’t you count your website how much revenue? Now many friends site is very high, but a few webmaster can have a stable income? Positioning key is the webmaster friends, one of my station ( on the browsing amount of not more than 120 IP I can rely on this station every year at least earn 20000. (do not believe you can come to my site open, my website advertising is the lowest 800 yuan / year, slightly a little on the actual position of the image over a thousand yuan / year Chinese Miaozhu information network > site is important, but the site also have practical value, hard to do, to bring benefits to advertisers, websites can do for long. I utterly ignorant of called SEO. I just made a Baidu bid, I do not want to let Baidu bid I can bring much traffic, I need to is that advertisers can see my site, so my website annual advertising revenue reached more than 20000, I have 2 sites ( and now ask what the station will rely on 2 stations to eat? I’m afraid that most people are in a station instead of raising it. Personal webmaster website or industry, development easier, not Tandaqiuquan, and the site is composed of small website development. In those large web sites do have a few people can do. My literary talent is not good. Here first! Do station Be careful and choose the right direction,.

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