A week by Google quickly included nearly 400 experience

Chaohu talent network www.job0565.com on-line fast a week, the current Google included pretty good, fast 400. But Baidu hasn’t included it yet. New station. Quite normal. But Google and soso are included. I still feel good. Below I put some of my experience and talk about ah.


1, be sure to add content before you do it. My station is on record this time. Submitted the first day of filing, second days down. Then it’s on the line. But before you go on line, you have to increase your content. If your content is not good. Search engines to your web site, there is no content can be included. Want to include you, there is no way ah.

2, to some local forum post, this is very important. We this station is a completely new station, new station, if let others to you do friendship link, estimate others certainly not willing. So there’s no way I can post more posts on forums in some places. Why is it in the local forum, because the websites for recruitment are usually local?. So it’s good to post it on some local forums.

3, write more new articles, my website on-line, content I basically updated every day, to ensure that their content updates station. So the search engine is also very fond of. Is my station still a new station?. Still working hard. Hope your friends will give us your advice.

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