09 years in August personal webmaster site analysis process

Hello everyone, today I will analyze a small site of mine. Hope to help novice A5. If the analysis is not good, please prawns to me. I must study hard.

1, website. Registered domain name. Here to register station name near, possible and domain name a little bit related. Here, my little station. Station Name: Hunan hotline network, domain name: hnrxw. Next is site building. I use the online program here to change it.

summary: domain name and station name. It might affect the ranking of keywords.

2, change the title of the website. Label。 I did that here. My station is called Hunan hotline. Of course, I went to Baidu to search the Hunan hotline first. See Baidu at the bottom of the relevant search. (there are: the Hunan news hotline, the Hunan Metropolitan News Hotline, the Hunan news hotline, and so on). I set the title here. The final title: Hunan _ keyword Hunan hotline News Hotline – Hunan City News Hotline home – Hunan hotline network in fact and look at your own


summary: title and tags in search engines. Needless to say, it must be very important. Is a unified description of the flow.

3, organize the content of the website. In fact, I do here is very simple, that is, the acquisition. What I collected here is local. I don’t think repetition should be too high. And I made minor changes, too. At the beginning of the article, add a paragraph to the title of the explanation. There was a staff at the end of the article.

summary: Here I take into account the repeatability of the article is not too high, to do pseudo original. And I don’t change headlines. Change content only.

4, submitted to Baidu GG. I submitted the Baidu GG in August 25th. In August 26th, Baidu GG has been included. Baidu GG has only one page. Home page. I don’t know what the reason is. Previously heard that Baidu included new sites, a week to two weeks.. Here, I’d like to say something. It is estimated that Baidu 26 big update. Most of the sites submitted will be included, ~

summary: submit to Baidu. A collection of phrases a day. In fact, according to the Baidu collection period. It’s all a coincidence.

5, here, my Hunan hotline is not even a company. I started going to the A5 forum and made some signature stickers. I don’t send much. Only 2–3 paste every day. Baidu knows too. At first Baidu knew it was too connected. Baidu sealed my number. Later discovered that Baidu knew. Not associated with posts plus links. Especially the new number. In fact, even outside the company. Everyone knows. It’s a spider. I won’t say anything here. And websites that I update every day.

summary: Needless to say.. But what I want to say is that the new station can not afford to stammer big fat people. Be regular.. I send 2–5 stickers every day at A5. Outdated 2–4 stickers. Baidu knows 2—3 knows to bring a connection. Webmaster forum. 1 stickers per forum per day.

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