New operators must see product user rating and activities operational benefits

has done a lot of planning and activities to increase user operating, sorting out this rocket grading user operations, I finally spit blood, squeeze time to sort out the first article. We mainly share how to classify users, do active operations for different users, and how to allocate resources so as to maximize the benefits.

personally feel more suitable for novice operators to learn, Daniel left out..

product user rating

is important for operators of a product or a community, but the resources are often limited. Engage in an activity, do not want to pay, empty handed white wolf, or master, or huyou. Here, I’ll share with you 42 dozens of typing routines. I’ll first use the two elements of loyalty and communication to classify the users, so that we can understand them quickly. Loyalty is often said to be "sticky" and "active"; "communication" is propaganda for products or communities. According to the diagram, there are 4 kinds of users, which have met each other in the field of activity operation, content operation or community operation. Class a users have many nicknames, such as opinion leaders, KOL, talent and fancier, but class A is difficult to train or get.


marketing point of explosion activities can not be met, in fact, most operations novice or from the ordinary activities of the traditional award category, and the spread of the virus to do the class activities have seed users important thing is to have a certain amount of? We will encounter such problems, usually do a lot of community award the activities are not welfare, explosion. Operators often encounter problems, for example, ordinary rewards spread the class activities, assuming 10000 yuan of funds, in the case of not exaggerated to deceive users, more difficult to achieve 10000 yuan promotional effect, possibly even 5000 yuan had no effect, you have not thought it may be the raffle or reward distribution problem? I through a table so that we understand the typical activities of income, a lot of people say why don’t you packing into 100 thousand yuan prize to attract users to participate in, the user is really a fool? Or advise a don’t use this method, will advance product loyalty.

activity operation benefit

casually draw a map for everyone to understand the effectiveness of the user, red is the dissemination of power, yellow is reward distribution, A to D utility is in decline. We see it in the above 4 types of users are different for the activities of word-of-mouth degree, a user is actually a seed product loyalty is very high and the trigger spread word of mouth, can be regarded as the input and output of more than 1:1 users, the need to stimulate the share of the cost is very low, while BC two is belong to the middle level is the input of 1:1 users, if it can be seen that the average distribution of bonus resources are wasted, but this is too often we walked into the alley, is sure to be fair > public awards

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