The excellent contest how to determine the weight of each other web site

Since the

webmaster network excellent contest start, for a time became the webmaster to talk about the topic, many people are SEO competition than the chain, then the chain has become a concern to everyone, the weight of the website, many of my friends are concerned, the level of weight affect search engine rankings, a lot of webmaster for Links, are directly see the PR value or simply see included, if only from the point of view of words, you can’t see the exact position of the web site in the search engine in the.

we should not be concerned about these, but also to look at other aspects:

1, look at snapshot

careful friends should be able to find large snapshot of the site are basically overnight, and many new snapshot sites are the last week, this contrast is very obvious, more trust, website search engine so will update snapshot every day, and those new sites, search engines are not recognized, so snapshot update slowly, a snapshot of the update site can see the weight of the station in search engine.

2, see included

many people see included, that included high weight is high, which is not wrong, but that is not so absolute, compared with CMS and blog site, but in itself is not comparable, why, CMS included 2000, blog included 200, two of the high weight, this is not good and there are a lot of uncertain factors.

3, article quality

many people are content is king, in fact as well, since it is the king, then, based on the quality of the content you need to pay attention, many people would rather choose 3 days to update a original high site, rather than a day and collecting 300 website links, why? The difference here, the original difference.

4, site time

website, of course, the longer the better, preferably half a year, preferably a year, preferably three years. In short, the older the more beautiful, new sites can also change, but the other must have the content of the site, quality, snapshot clearance.

5, site type

this once said, do friendship link exchange, the same kind of best, neighbors also ok. For example, you do the "mobile phone" website, it is best to find the website of mobile phone Links, can not find find "computer" Links do it, but can not do what Links, these very time-consuming.

snapshots, contents and types are very important reference direction, not only concerns the PR value, Google has now quit, China, so he then esteem the PR value, and Baidu is not a bit.

when you are choosing friends, focus on PR while paying more attention to the content.

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