Three blocks six stations

each webmaster will have their own set of ways of building, each has similarities and differences, each has good or bad, the following about my set of Views:

first step: think what to do, do the best, do not casually find a program to find data, find a template, put up the bin, I personally do not agree with this approach, although the garbage station can quickly bring us benefits, but it is not for a long time, people always want to on a long view. Garbage well soon, Baidu gave flow on K, and K, and this is not only a waste of resources, the domain name, and a waste of time, or out to stay in place, without a single success. So, we must think of their own goals, try to ask yourself: I want to do what kind of a station? I want to put the website development to what extent? If my idea is true? If I have enough money in the face of risk (general website is not what risk)


second step: register domain name / buy space / download program, domain name and website name as far as possible combination, space cost performance should be high, also want to comply with the program programming language, these we all know. In this, do not say.

The third step:

asked graph king: website construction is to add content or the first design template? The answer is graph king first. But I personally think that was the first to design template because the template and content should be combined, if the template and content out to the space, visitors see the template of appearance, is also not in the mood to enjoy the content, this is only my personal opinion, and figure Wang concise answer, I still didn’t understand, maybe my mind is too poor. Anyway, it is best to use DIV+CSS template design, is simple and convenient, the code, if not, never mind can, to the following address download tutorial, say are the basis of knowledge, if you already know HTML, 35 days will be able to write a DIV+CSS template yourself. In addition to design templates to meet the user experience, also want to match The taste of a search engine, in general, is consistent with the user experience, which is consistent with the search engine’s appetite, but those with FLASH or pictures cover the entire page of the site except.

the fourth step: when you feel your template done about the same time, and can integrate the program, of course, you will find the templates and procedures are not harmonious, at this time, can slightly change the template, of course, this time is bound to add some content to websites in order to achieve the ultimate effect, finally the template should be from top to bottom sweep once, see a drain, not added to the code places to add, don’t miss the small icon. If your website is by advertising revenue, while the code is placed on the.

website advertising

fifth step: modify the default settings of the program, set up the administrator user name / database and so on (all in the local computer), everything is ready, upload the program >

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