Robin Li’s business philosophy and leadership style

has grown from a technical engineer to an excellent business manager, and Robin Li has only spent 9 years. Of course, there are nearly 40 years of education and experience behind it. In the not too long enterprise management, Robin Li has formed a set of management style and management idea, which indicates that Robin Li has become one of the few entrepreneurs from an ordinary entrepreneur. Robin Li’s management thought is an important guarantee for Baidu to develop to this scale today.

in Robin Li’s management thought, the view of talent is the most important and the core content. Robin Li’s choice of executives has its own unique standards. Robin Li believes that the judgment is an important ability, can make accurate judgment on various issues in the field of the important evaluation standard and then make the right decision and judgment, and one can determine the field more widely, more promising. In addition to judgment, Robin Li believes that character, passion, judgment, management skills and relevant experience are integral to a good person. Set a clear standard, Robin Li pursues the principle of patient, with such a standard gradually set up Baidu high level executive team. In the process, Baidu gradually managed by Robin Li alone, excessive to become a based Baidu team management.

12 word management concept

Robin Li’s business philosophy is very simple, is summed up in 12 words: look, do not follow the trend, and did not waver in many Internet portals and other formats, Robin Li saw the prospect of the search industry, studying in the United States, during the work, are engaged in the search technology. After seeing the prospects of the search industry, Robin Li joined in this field; by 2001, Robin Li saw the business model of ppc. When optimistic about the competitive ranking business model, the exclusion of the board of directors and other resistance, immediately began bidding ranking business.


in the portal site of Baidu search business raging like a storm, insist, don’t make the portal, when the game is to make money, Baidu still unmoved, then, Baidu has also undergone messages, blogs and other Internet development trend of every hue, a lot of companies to do the business to earn a lot of money, but Baidu did not follow suit to do, always the concentration of resources in the search field is not shaken. For a long time to come, Baidu will continue to adhere to the search industry, will not cross into other industries.

in fact, Robin Li’s 12 word business philosophy is closely related to the laws he insists on in his personal success. Robin Li summed up the core idea of personal success as the three principles.

the first rule: do what you like: interest is the best teacher, and only do what you love to do, then you can enjoy it, no matter how hard it is. Robin Li likes the search engine, likes the technical development, for him, makes the search engine the technical research and development, is simply one kind enjoys. Even if you do Baidu >

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