Online recruitment wind up how to play community recruitment


friend to me that watercress watercress is undervalued "this topic, with amazing development a watercress group as proud of the case, the team was used to provide applicants watercress users looking for work, but with the team members and the recruitment posts more and more simply, head of full-time operations of this group, and entrepreneurship opened a company," so we watercress commercial space is still very large……"

last weekend, I was talking about the story in the opposite Feng Tao, his reaction seems somewhat overwhelmed by an unexpected favour.

The group

Feng Tao is the example above the group called "Zhou Botong Recruitment", which has 320 thousand members of the team leader, just yesterday, his entrepreneurial projects announced for the amount of 28 million yuan of A round of financing, following the hook, then the degree of tenderness of online recruitment industry caused by capital transaction.

this is a "heroic, no birth" rush.

ignorant, just fearless

Zhou Botong is the brand, "Job + Tong" Chinese swizzling, in Baidu search Zhou Botong, as in the online recruitment website of Zhou Botong between characters in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels Zhou Botong encyclopedia articles and Fantasy Westward Journey between the 2 game player nouveau riche Zhou Botong news, quite embarrassing.

in October 2007, after Feng Tao filed for recruitment team in Zhou Botong watercress, is basically not to say, he is a IBM engineer, the job is not easy. However, the Douban group vitality, but he was surprised, "after a few years, I found that there are tens of thousands of users spontaneously in the group exchange job information, there are HR issued recruitment posts every day after the post bubble interpretation demand" to people in the above, the unexpected commercial value, also let Feng oscillation of the entrepreneurial heart.

2011, Feng Tao find a partner and registered company, even as micro-blog hot, Feng Tao will recruit operational focus from Zhou Botong watercress group to Sina micro-blog expansion, he was also the model in micro-blog for Jingwei venture Zhang Ying, Zhang Ying replied that the oneself is very optimistic about the micro-blog recruitment based products, but specifically play really want to know, to be out of the ordinary, but a prophecy.

in the summary of that time failed, Feng Tao will be attributed to the large span, watercress group is the community, the heat content depends on the strength of the so-called "hot talk, never out of date", while Sina micro-blog is the flow of information, recruitment needs this positioning is actually not too suitable for long term. In addition, in 2012, Xu Xiaoping had proposed out of more than 100 millions years but Feng Tao cast Zhou Botong recruitment, because I think the valuation is too low and rejected, this is a decision to let him regret, "actually think that money or take, because it’s not a matter of money, resources and contacts".

later, the partner felt that the company was hopeless and dispersed

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