The valuable BuzzFeed teaches you how to do news websites

introduction: BuzzFeed information dissemination to journalism, Internet and mobile Internet impact and thinking, but also need the media repeatedly chewing.

August 11th news: news website BuzzFeed received a $50 million venture from Andreessen Horowitz, whose valuation has risen to $850 million.

why is BuzzFeed worth so much,


look at the data: BuzzFeed was founded in 2006. At present, BuzzFeed’s monthly visitors reached 150 million people, while founder Peretti revealed that BuzzFeed revenue doubled in the first half of 2014 compared with the same period last year. Investor Andreessen Horowitz believes that BuzzFeed’s revenue is expected to break 100 million at the end of the year.

content: sharing is king

when you open the web site, what will you see? The waterfall stream and the ubiquitous share button. From left to right are all news, BuzzFeed News after primary refining, and hot news that comes with the most share of the week. As for news content, it is all inclusive, from politics, economy, to entertainment, science and technology, leisure. Here, I extract a few titles —

· 14, Australian, Ice, Cream, Shops,

, You, Need, To, Visit, Before, You, Die (the 14 Australian ice cream shop that must be gone)

· A, 26-Step, Guide, To, Understanding, Why, The, U.S., Is, Bombing, Iraq,, Again. (step by step, guide you to understand why the United States attacked Iraq again.)

· A Man Asked His Girlfriend To Marry Him Using Coca-Cola Bottles (a man who proposed to his girlfriend with a Coca-Cola bottle)

· 13, Types, Of, Facebook, Couples, You, Should, Never, Become (you shouldn’t be such Facebook couples)

point to open these eye-catching digital + keywords, you will see the content consists of many pictures and short text. Part of the picture also added multimedia >

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