What is the first website operators to prepare food


More and more

webmaster friends feel that now operate the site is certainly not good, especially some enterprise website and individual grassroots website, in the management process will find themselves easily surmounted by the competitor, but they want development difficulties, even a lot of long in the operation process of changing industry website, want to to avoid competition risk, in fact, many owners have encountered difficulties in the process of operation, and not because they do not know how to build technology and optimization ideas, more or not well because of its preparation in the web site before operation.

1. Find out where your strengths are,

want to make their sites become very competitive, and not want to avoid the risk of competition, in fact an industry is not competitive, often is that this industry is not what profit prospects, this is obviously not in conformity with the trend of the development of the industry, so the competition is not terrible, but to find their own advantages in in the competition, from the direction of no competitive advantage, so we can find the relative segments, you will always find a point to become the highlight of the industry, and this highlights you actually to maximize to enlarge and run through the website.

like today’s Tencent, the achievements of its own Ali Empire, and has a base support silently behind, before you start operation before the site, you must fully analyze where the advantages, and then can be used as the core to build their own base, of course, this does not rule out the appropriate the adjustment in the actual operation process, and not everyone is so clear understanding of their strengths, in the process may web site operators will gradually realize this point, Tencent QQ is brought up to show the change of the operation is the way.

two, understanding target user


website is a service which you operate in groups, before engaging website construction should be fully understood and analyzed, because only from the beginning of the website operation ideas and design style, the content of the website channel construction should be in this part of the group’s requirements, you must not be ready to serve in the type of talent website. The site is the emergence of a large number of channels many beautiful pictures, and even gossip pictures make users hilarious, this is obviously not in conformity with the principles of the construction of website. So from the beginning of the webmaster should fully analyze the goal of the website group, then in the construction of these target groups, of course, in the process of operation can be moderately fine-tuning, so that it can better serve the target users.

three, website profit model should be clear,

website is like the march to war, this time your attack is for what purpose, you want to get what benefits, like after each Jin Wushu invade South will over a valuables and food, which is actually a war for the purpose is to make money, profit, the site also.

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