New station want to say love you is not easy

directly into the theme, my last month 15, built a new station, due to start on industry of keyword research is not very deep, they select the "American Free Hosting" as the main keywords, from 15 to 30, the station I keep update, almost all of the original article rise, several keywords ranking is stable, the main keywords "American free host" has been at the top of Baidu’s second pages, the technology is not very good for me, this achievement has made me feel very satisfied. May go home, at home because something more, in May 2nd I found time to update a website, and the analysis of the site’s traffic sources, I find the main keywords "American Free Hosting" has not brought me a lot of traffic, I went to see the Baidu index search volume under the "American host" well, I put the "American Free Hosting" into the "American host" 51, and I haven’t got the tube.

today is May 4th, I as usual, open the Baidu search for my new sites, find out how search is not search with my new station, my first reaction was to be Baidu pull hair, I quickly went to the Baidu search site was the cause of the K, found that there is a best not to say words the new station change, because I could change keywords Baidu was punishment? I went to see a friend, he analyzed my new sites, then certainly said to me is because the amendment by Baidu K, because the new station needs a test period, the weight is low, modify the Title keywords and is K chance is very big, he asked what I have some other friends of the chain station to the railway station, I think there is a station and the station in March to do for friends of the chain, my friend let me Put a chain or removed in March to K station, I hurried to the station on March Baidu search, Baidu K is indeed a home.

all of the above is my personal experience, I hope novice friends must learn a lesson to take less detours, and I also think how to recover as soon as possible included, also hope to master pointing one or two, my QQ: 157617449

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