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combination promotion or tie-in promotion belongs to an additional marketing method, that is, when a user buys a commodity, he sells other low-priced products closely related to the product. So what are the points to note when designing a portfolio promotion? The author combines several major electronic business platform launched an analysis.

      combination promotion or tie-in promotion belongs to an additional marketing approach; that is, when a user buys a product, he sells other low-priced products that are closely related to the product. For example, users buy mobile phones, recommend headphones to him, additional sales should pay attention to such a few points:

must grasp the opportunity in the customer has confirmed to purchase (he bought the main product will likely buy additional products), but has not been completed in time when the payment transaction (after paying the bill, you recommend, customers often because of a pay increase to pay the account unlocks and abandon the purchase).

gives a simple reason to impress customers.

then placed in the electronic business platform, specific combination promotion function design, we need to pay attention to the following points:

collocation goods must be lower than the main commodity price, and with the main commodity has certain relationship, tie-in goods if choose is not reasonable, not only can not achieve the purpose of additional marketing, but interfere with user attention.

collocation must have sales discount, the main commodity and collocation commodity prices can be more favorable, one can promote the main sales of goods, on the other hand more reasonable collocation of preferential understanding, from the user point of view, collocation is the business buy packaged sales, a large quantity of certain than a single buy discount.

1. Amazon

combination purchase

function design: no discount; in fact, the combination of goods to join the shopping cart, buy the function.

2., Jingdong

premium package features

purchase process design as below: interface design, display with conventional selection product specifications, in the selected package type, all the goods, will display set set price, click [] will be added to the shopping cart to buy suit.

package was added to the shopping cart and single goods add to cart is the two path, modify the single commodity purchase quantity, quantity and price does not affect the suit, related goods and quantity of goods between the suit.

set into the shopping cart, shopping cart in the interface, can see the design related package goods, store under the name of a column display set information (name, price, quantity, price, operation), if the goods are set separately added to the shopping cart, is not a suit of goods, goods package buy only the goods this interface entrance; if you delete a single commodity, does not suit the relationship >

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