The domain name fm365 com tree blossom remember the Daming Lake fm365

years later, the news of the domain name quite a lot, Yao Jinbo acquisition of jump driving school point, Google Hao throw 156 million yuan to shoot.App new top-level domain name. In addition, more generous domain name transactions have also been traded. There is an old domain name again is particularly interesting, that had become fashionable for a time domestic portal Lenovo fm365 ranked top five tree blossom ", Lenovo’s official website magic workshop.

since the failure of Lenovo fm365 strategy, the domain name has been silent for more than 10 years, recently Lenovo quietly online its official electricity supplier website magic workshop, and re opened the domain name. Magic workshop was established last year, Lenovo is a subsidiary, it is understood that the magic factory will at the end of March early April officially inaugurated, the flagship smart, intelligent mobile phone products Home Furnishing. The on-line workshop will be fantastic future Lenovo Internet strategic transformation, a vanguard Army force in the field of mobile internet. Fm365 is a sign of the Lenovo Internet 3.1 ambitious project, restart the domain name that Lenovo for the magical workshop business value.

early in December last year the magic workshop business just surfaced, "in front" in micro-blog founder @ old cool magic shop suggested using, he said that the first fm365 is begin to think of the Internet, it’s time to open. Second, fm365 is the best choice for creating new businesses. Then we will first see Lenovo restart fm365 what are the benefits?.

creates the topic with the original popularity

think that year, fm365 and TOM, 263 and three new domestic portal flow, tens of millions, is also popular. Later, for various reasons, it was a pity not to adhere to it. There are more than fifteen years old Internet users and Internet practitioners, presumably for that year, fm365 is also fresh. Now the "tree blossom", has become a hot topic. About the fm365 restart, the major domain name portals and technology websites are also competing reports. In this way, Lenovo did not spend a penny advertising fees, then with the original popularity of the topic detonated, played the role of brand publicity.

domain name easy to remember the domain name itself is simple and easy to remember, easy input. The combination of letters + numbers into the present, although not astronomical, but also has a considerable market value of the domain name. Lenovo directly opens the old domain name, which has both the value of a good domain name and the huge cost of buying domain names. And now the domain name market, a good domain name is hard to find, to find a more suitable than fm365 domain name, must also spend a small fee.

old domain name for easy optimization and reverse flow

fm365 has been created as a short-term brilliance in the early days of the domestic Internet

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