Link value assessment of how much money the Tao Tao search alliance cited hot links value


recently, innovative advertising alliance Tao Tao search alliance on-line, in the advertising market blew up a typhoon". The main products of Tao Tao chain can let the webmaster earn extra income through their own Taobao link station. In order to let the owners know the possible income Tao Tao chain website after the installation of the Tao Tao search also intimate Alliance launched link value assessment tool (, which caused a heated debate in the industry, 28 Mu Changqing, will push net purchase of Wu Di, Chongqing playing the well-known master Huang Qian have carried on the experience and recommendations. And forwarded in micro-blog. Since the on-line half a month, has accumulated for more than 8000 websites to provide the inquiry service, altogether inquires the Taobao link 350 million, the appraisal link value about 30000000 yuan.


graph is the result of link value evaluation tools for Web Evaluation

as we all know, Taobao’s products are updated very quickly, and the Taobao links in the website will become bad chains as the commodity shelves come out. According to authoritative statistics, the majority of Taobao bad chains are not promptly removed, after a long time of accumulation, the Internet Taobao bad chain ratio is close to 90%, a large number of Taobao bad chain in unable to produce income but also seriously affect the user experience, what is more, they also on Baidu and other search engine crawler is not friendly.

Tao Tao search alliance based on this phenomenon, using their own advantages of image search technology, launched the Tao Tao chain website profit products, Taobao will be bad chain into the same or similar goods, the website to improve the user experience at the same time, an increase in commission income to the owners. Such as CONVERSE forum, using Tao Tao chain after 2 weeks, has been transformed through the Tao Tao chain got nearly 400 single trading commissions, turnover of more than 100000 yuan.

Tao Tao chain installation is very convenient, only a JS code can be placed in the footer, not for advertising, not drag speed, easily help webmaster webmaster can also retrieve income, according to the daily data to the website for reference. Search alliance companies from the Alibaba Tao Tao Tao Tao search technology

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