Management is important and the nternet is no exception

recently gave a network company network planning, to talk about the network popularization, just say that the management of the company, because the company soon, before the boss is not engaged in the network, the relative lack of experience, the company established gradually discovered many problems, the old board is aware of these problems, now measures have been taken to improve. Through these phenomena, we can find out how important an effective management mechanism is to the company.

is currently on the Shanghai region, many small and medium-sized enterprises to find us, they want to do is hold the network, and want to make a decision to such networks, from their conversation, can see that they have been aware of the importance of network. I think, whether it is the management of the company or the network management, need good norms, norms, in order to be efficient, in order to implement it step by step. For example, many companies from the housing, they have to partner network, this will certainly need someone to do, these enterprises or companies to recruit directly through the introduction of specialized management of the network, but some enterprises are still not clear, for example, they can recruit people to drive up the network, they really? It is clear how to operate? For this case, the red stone according to experience to share the following points, hope to provide enterprises is not very clear. Before the promotion of the network, the enterprise of course must first develop network brand promotion norms, such as website construction, website maintenance, network planning, network marketing, network control management and so on.

one, website construction

1 website construction prophase planning: customer characteristic analysis, website location analysis, peer website analysis, website structure analysis, website design analysis, website function analysis, network marketing analysis.

2 website planning and Design: website image planning, website content planning, website function development.

two, website maintenance,

1, website daily update: company news, industry trends, new releases, enterprise forums, recruitment, contact information, such as all the contents of the website updated in time.

2, website modification: according to the company’s development requirements, make appropriate additions to the website, deletion column, and related procedures loopholes, redundant code modified. At the same time, the use of new technologies, new features, timely release of new versions of the site.

3, website security: domain name, virtual space, website, background and other related accounts, password changes in time, to ensure network security.

three, network planning

1, network brand planning: formulate network brand promotion plan, integrate various marketing resources, strengthen the consistency and integrity of brand appeal, establish a unified brand image.

1.1, analysis of network brand positioning, current situation and future trends;

1.2, industry status, characteristics and future trends;

1.3, network structure analysis: >

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