Cheng Wanyun Taobao customers need to think and practice but also the desire to succeed

many people want to make money through the Internet, but in what way, many people are looking for it. Why do people suddenly find their own Wangzhuan way, but some people are still constantly looking for. Taobao is in a period of time, one of the owners are more concerned about the way people say Wangzhuan, has passed, some people say there is a chance. But Taobao’s turnover last year was 200 billion, this year is 400 billion, with 5% as the average commission ratio, this market is very attractive, I believe Taobao customers will always have opportunities.

December 9th Admin5 forum Thursday edition chat activity, known as the most cattle invited guest Cheng Wanyun to discuss Taobao Taobao customers, Taobao customers to share his experience, this paper focuses on baby finishing welcome discussion.

asked, "I did the Taobao web site. It’s about maternity pages. It’s a single page, but there’s no traffic at all.". I would like to ask under, now do Taobao customers in the end is a single page is good or comprehensive good?

answer: single page SEO to do Taobao customers, is indeed an important way to promote Taobao customers. Do this promotion, I think there are two points need to pay attention to: 1, try to do weight loss breast type of single page, because this single page of single product profits are in 50+, it is worth optimizing. It’s up to you to do a single page, depending on your SEO technology, because the premise of single page sales is optimization. I am not very skilled SEO, so tend to share soft marketing in the SNS community, in addition, Taobao forum grab sofa, Taobao customers can also bring hundreds of revenue every day, I hope to help you. Send two rob sofa case

2, specific how to optimize to get traffic, it has used the "It differs from man to man., white hat SEO", someone with a black hat, SEO" the former we used to stand group method, white hat SEO recommended" SEO real code "this book. Hope to be helpful to you,

asked: Taobao has been off for a long time, I have seen a variety of ways to promote, including web site directly using QQ space, that is the entrance of Taobao employees and so on, the site is ranked, with all sorts of strange things, single page, also make the mall. I’m just one of the many N webmaster who follow suit, but I haven’t earned much money. I think Taobao Kung Fu is not overnight, so I would like to ask guests, Taobao guests, novices should start from where, how to improve the new do Taobao customers, how to analyze keywords, how to consolidate the basic knowledge?

answer: new people do network, I think the first should be the mentality and thinking way, thinking direction is right, the workload will be much less. It is better to look at other people’s experiences and share them. Recommend several: first, Taobao official community, two is the generation network, and three are laggards. As for beginners tutorial, I think this is good, "Taobao small passenger Raiders" ht>

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