mproving the use of hand painted styles in user experience Web Design

[core tip] how to apply hand drawn style in web pages to improve the user experience of the website

in this article, we’ll discuss how to apply hand drawn styles to web pages to improve your website’s user experience.

recognition and reality

hand-painted style is very conducive to display human color, forming a unique degree of recognition, to bring a sense of reality for the user. When you receive a postcard from a friend, you always want to see that the card is handwritten, with your friend’s unique handwriting instead of using a computer. A handwritten note is always more casual and intimate than a piece of paper produced by a computer.

in web design, the same principle: hand-painted and handwritten style of application, can make products appear more unique, more authentic, more trustworthy. Here are three examples of hand-painted styles that offer recognition and Realism:

unique look and feel

first of all, hand-painted styles bring unique look and feel. The famous prototype drawing and wireframe tool Balsamiq is a typical representative. Balsamiq is powerful and complex, the look and feel is very simple, using hand drawn style users recall the basic paper and pencil sketch, allowing the user to focus on the basic functions, instead of dwelling on the details of the appearance of the product. At the same time, this appearance also formed the unique style of Balsamiq itself.


recognition degree and personalized

hand-painted style brings greater recognition, allowing users to remember your product. For example, the new logo:

on the famous code editor Windows on Notepad++


chameleon shows the main pattern not only just perfect the function of the product itself (code highlighting the accumulation and change), but the icon itself is quite lovely, caught the attention of the user, to help users to separate Notepad++ and rival editor products.

humanization and intimacy

hand-painted style brings humanity and intimacy. Tell the user that the content of the presentation is alive, and that they have carefully looked at the details of the product to make it seem more authentic and trustworthy.


The famous children’s math exercises on

iPad use MathBoard to re describe the impressions of the blackboard, and children can even write numbers directly with their hands on the blackboard. This setting makes arithmetic exercises less cold and boring, with a touch of human color, easier to use, and more attractive

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