Guo Jiangmin shared little experience with local SNS operations

is not a long time to write something, do it today and share with you some of my little experience of running SNS! SNS has now become the focus of attention of the majority of owners, the more successful a happy net,, QQ alumni…… Many are out of the portal, SNS, of course, some of the surrounding city began the construction of the SNS, such as webmasters know Guo Jijun, we are very enthusiastic to call the old Guo or GJJ, recently the old Guo in the success of the operators love gathering, now also operates the Chongqing away, now the user has reached more than 10000 people…… Now, many places have launched a SNS dating site, I am no exception in Xiamen launched a dating now of course not succeed (people who know me know that I run a lot of sites, so in this Xiamen online friends don’t spend too much time, so in the member number slightly worse but for some, the station I personally very satisfied), now just want to put some small personal experience in operation of the

for everyone to share!

1. Choose a good domain name

Here the first

that not good domain name, here is a good domain name to the site location, because the site located in Xiamen friends network, of course, are all young friends to play, a good domain name is that they want to remember, it is convenient for the two time they visit the


two, keyword selection; (program everyone uses UCH, so do not talk about the program)


we all understand, but I am to do so when choosing the keywords, the first analysis of Xiamen is the original SNS or some forming dating sites, based on all their keywords, and then add their own color, because it relates to the Xiamen site, so don’t talk about keywords what’s the site can only say that Xiamen is now dating! There are some keywords (Baidu

) ranking!

three, some small secrets of the operation process,

1, in the construction of UCH, because I do not know very well, so he tested, of course, the purpose is to let yourself first understand that the program is good, fortunately…… First, to understand some of the background set, such as links where convenient also look good, which can add some simple advertising map and so on, on the site of a period of observation, of course, someone will ask that you don’t understand my side side propaganda? Do not say so, because I have friends in Xiamen the net is definitely for some young people, that if they came to see the site of the site is not perfect, see what is not, who want to play


2, in the understanding of the program during the period of I am not idle! I first pulled some friends around, almost a hundred friends came to help me test, after all, have come to play the game, in the meantime, slowly learned that the small details of the program in use will be encountered. Know well, of course, on the site during the so-called friend brothers know, play for a long time.

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