6 basic elements of forum community operations


actually, I have a deep affection for the community, I began to do stand for 03 years, the first 04 years of contact with the community website, has been 7 years, also contact with a lot of forum, a country early dynamic network Dvbbs, and then used the LeadBBS 6KBBS Discuz PHPWIND, etc.. I’ve basically used it and tried it, but actually these community software is pretty much the same, but the only change is the continuous improvement in functionality,


forum BBS features


forum is a relatively old product, whether it is from the user habits and product maturity, the forum has a natural advantage, but also other products can not match the forum today, this product is still subject to the webmaster’s favorite! So we can find to the forum successful website is always better than other type of website live a little longer. Forum BBS can meet the sharing of knowledge, but also can make communication between people. And BBS is a lot of people have contact with the product, so users use also handy,


about operating

first I also explain a little about operation I only talk about my own experiences, may have the wrong place, only for reference and learning, experience is obtained in the practice, the experience of others can let you take some detours!

now for the community of software, there are many choices, but most people basically choose PHPWIND and DISCUZ two, first need to determine what type do their own community, my personal recommendation is, if you don’t need to do a local website or too many features of the community, I recommend PHPWIND, because PHPWIND to the local station is vigorously support, very famous local website Hualong lane, building 19, the use of the PHPWIND program. In other industries, I recommend using DZ because DZ is personally better than PHPWIND in terms of functionality and maturity. And from the number of users, DZ is much larger than PHPWIND!


now I’m talking about community operations in 6 main areas,

1: set the section

do BBS website people all know, establish a BBS, first need to plan and positioning, and then according to positioning, establish a forum. Different areas, the settings of the forum is certainly different, today, mainly about the forum set, you need to understand and pay attention to some things!


is the first to do community websites, we must pay attention to the earlier to rough, late to fine. I found a lot of community website has a problem, that is just on the line in the forum, the lack of popularity, the card is not the case, there are many sections, some even an on-line forum has hundreds of pages, in fact it is a very wrong approach, the first forum just on the line, people >

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