How to enhance the user experience of mobile phone terminal company


With the popularization of

intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone internet groups on the increase for small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the production site network company, providing mobile phone website is not a new topic for the customer.

Brief analysis of

market status:


a simple analysis of the present situation in the website construction company, believe that many practitioners have complained is not easy, because the technical threshold is low, the industry price strategy, template establishment market impact to the enterprise, engaged in custom website companies, I believe many in between, especially in recent years, Baidu search market share to improve the rate of enterprise website, the purpose is to make the great promotion of Baidu and Baidu, the company also is the most channel agent engaged in the construction site of the network, because of inherent advantages of Baidu products, but also the main push template station system, website construction market for the small market living space more and more small company network;

How does

better retain customers?

how to retain customers, or make new customers will be able to realize your service, which is engaged in basic site construction company must face the topic, as of now the electricity supplier website, industry portals, good user experience is that we must take the common problems;

what can we do,


to the enterprise website, in addition to the web page design, the background program, web based optimization, web browser compatible, then we will have to face the huge mobile phone users through the browser to browse the site compatibility problems;

[mobile compatible page design]

how to make our website compatible with mobile phone users to browse, we will provide the following JS scripts and part of the web page production process:

1. judges when the user visits the website the terminal is PC or the handset browser, may use the JS script to complete,


on the home page

script code download

2. mobile browser version of the website page design notes:

(1) page adaptation problem, web pages in the definition of CSS, the page width set percentage or no width, the design of the table is also completed by percentage;

(2) the use of web pages, the site’s logo, or refers to the picture, we should consider the size of the problem and the proportion of pictures;

(3) "in the mobile phone version and computer conversion when prompted, if users browse the site by mobile phone, to prompt the user to jump to the PC version of the site in time to avoid additional user generated Internet traffic when browsing the website;

page effect reference:

original article first: woo news technology (www.ccyuxun.c>

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