How to improve the confidence of foreign trade websites

we often say, to win in the details, to see the real Kung Fu, so subtle, I often talk to foreign trade enterprises kept: foreign trade website is to win in the details, in fact we spend all expenses, including, we buy a domain name, buy space, please, please, please design company SEOER this please, after all is in order to improve our website, increase sales. All of this has nothing to do with money. It has nothing to do with the strength of the Internet service company. It has to do with attitude, the details of the website construction process and the routine maintenance of the website.

all the efforts are in order to allow the user to open your site, stay at your site, love your website, your website in the final after consuming, finished in collections folder, it will come to your website, this is the website of the trust in the process play a subtle role.

knows the degree of trust in a website, and the degree of trust of the website can be expressed as the degree of trustworthiness that the website brings to the visitor. It is a psychological effect when visitors visit the website, and it is a fuzzy evaluation of the authenticity and authority of the website according to the experience and life experience of the internet. This kind of evaluation can influence the browsing behavior of visitors, and is of great significance to any website, especially the news websites and e-commerce websites.

at present, we don’t have a rigid benchmark for judging the credibility of a web site, but it does have hierarchical differences. High credit websites can win more stable visits and competitive advantages. Sites with a lack of credibility are likely to fail in a very short period of time.

we need to explain from three aspects: user experience, search engine optimization and marketing promotion.

: user experience, website design part of the work, the most always please visitors, no one love out of order website, the possibility of first impression of the site determines the next business there is no progress. So our website needs to meet the following criteria:

01): keep your website fast and stable. Slow to open website, in today’s fast-paced era, who have the patience to wait for your site on a 35 minute play? Are not open website, what about trust? What about the subsequent thing, direct pass off, even have no chance. As for the next time can open, not open, or Gesanchaiwu downtime website, credit is not high.

02): the website should be "transparent", what is transparent, that is, visitors can know your company through very informative pages. The early stage of early in the rise of the Internet, we often joke that on the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog, that’s true, we carefully analyze the reasons, also shows that people on the Internet, between the enterprise and the trust degree is very low, we now have to do is let others know that your business is real, not the unknown source or origin. No one wants to and the situation is not clear, >

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