Cheng Luyao network marketing learning three categories of information marketing

then the last "network marketing" this will continue to update, said last time is "blog marketing", if not understand you can see: [two] learning network marketing: blog marketing promotion, after all I do write an article by the network promotion methods, there is a reason the.

today’s topic is: classified information marketing. As a rule, let’s first take a look at the classification information

classified information also known as ads on TV, our daily newspapers have seen ads, often is whether you are willing or not, it will impose on you, we call this kind of advertisement for passive advertising; and people take the initiative to query the recruitment, housing, tourism and other aspects of the information, the information that we it is called active advertising. Today, with the gradual development of information society, passive advertising has aroused more and more people’s disgust, while active advertising has been widely favored. Almost every place in the evening paper, daily, life and entertainment news, there is no lack of classification information, and the better the newspaper, the length of classification information is often greater.

from the above introduction is not difficult to see, classified information, this form of active advertising can be more and more popular, so how to make good use of this resource is what we must master. The difference between the classified information marketing promotion and marketing forum is that classified information is the special advertisement information, generally will not be deleted, can release YISHION advertising in the form of operation than the good grasp of marketing forum.


1: the main purpose is to get the ranking of search engines in different key words.

2: next is to attract classified information online customer base.

skills and experience:

1: according to the purpose, get the promotion, the keyword is particularly important, first of all need to sort out a series of brand keywords, such as the promotion of a certain brand of network marketing, the network marketing, network marketing, network marketing, network marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, keyword list, and then to the long tail word the main object of promotion. (about the long tail words, I don’t give a detailed introduction, I’m going to write a special article.) other keywords must be released in moderation. Tips: This is the network marketing _ his original, want to know more about this please retain the copyright information network marketing experience knowledge search "network marketing Yao" reprint.

2: such as network marketing promotion, search engine marketing, blog marketing, classification information marketing, EDM marketing and so on, promotion methods are summarized as long tail words, then the promotion of this type of words can be more promotion.

3: classified information network according to local promotion, if in each place, each place can be a single released with keywords or such as Guangzhou SEO, Shenzhen network marketing, Guangdong SEO-XX brand, which also belongs to the long tail words, and in the local key words for the title usually >

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