Adult dating station Ashley Madison brand transformation trying to get rid of the nternet image of

lead: U.S. tech blog TechCrunch published today signed hadja · Jane · Kamps (Haje Jan Kamps) wrote today, the new management Ashley Madison trying to reshape the image of the website this affair, but they don’t seem to be advertising to be hurt.

below is the main content of the article:

Ashley Madison has become a byword for disloyalty and insecurity. How can we save such a brand in the face of such a situation?. This is clearly a challenge for the company’s new CEO and its president.

‘s new leadership team gave the answer: "reinvent the brand and what it stands for – but is that enough?"

for the company CEO, Ashley Madison status quo comparable nightmare. Many people may feel Ashley Madison’s name is strange, but in fact, their entire user database has been stolen by hackers and disclosed to the Internet, resulting in the company’s former CEO stepped down. Why does this cause such a big uproar? Because Ashley Madison is an extramarital affairs website, so his sensitive data leak must have a huge impact. It was at least related to two suicide cases.

rebranding brand

I spoke with the company’s new CEO rob ·, Zagel (Robe Segal), and asked why they changed the brand.

"do you really want to ask this question?" Zagel said. He obviously thought it was the stupidest question the reporter had ever asked. "Everybody knows what happened in the past, and what we’ve been through.". But we found that 45% of our users were single, but our brand did not reflect this situation. We want to be more inclusive, especially for female users."

, but Zagel and Ashley Madison’s new president, James, ·, and Miller Heap (James Millership) are convinced that the company is still alive. "I think rebranding is crucial." Miller Heap said, "it can help people recognize us again."."

specifically, Ashley Madison wants to attract more users.

"we hope to attract people who haven’t been interested in Ashley Madison by reinventing the brand image."." Zagel said he also admitted that this was not an easy task.


, many users of extramarital affairs were exposed because hackers found their credit card information. So, how to convince users to enter credit card information becomes a big problem. "We face the challenge every day."

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