3 classic web page index conversion rate is the most important site indicators

you don’t have to care too much in the end there are 1000 people or 1 million people visit your site, as long as through improving the search rankings, user loyalty, continuous access time, and reduce the rate of jump to optimize the site conversion rate can be.



Mikal E.Belicove

|Analysis from the 2005 Google

(Google Analytics) for free since, each marketing staff, experts and media between both to the various web indicators (such as web, number of visitors, visits visitors) found that the most valuable index. But at the same time, many bosses ignore the data integrity of these indicators, but focus their attention on sales and the guiding role of the website. That is to say, if a web page does not create benefits or collect potential customer contact information, then there must be something wrong with it.

Nielson Norman in California Fremont group partner Jakob Nielsen, the company should believe the website user search information, analysis of whether the sales staff or company bosses are not completely correct. He believes that the most important data should be conversion, also is the web page of the visitors for a ratio indicating response number and the total number of visitors, these responses may be opening an article, make a reservation or buy a product. Conversion provides an efficient and accurate way to determine the attractiveness of a web page to its users. With it, you don’t have to worry about whether 1000 or 1 million people visit your web page.

actually calculates the conversion rate of pages, and it’s not difficult to distinguish visitors from the total number of visitors. The complex is how to further improve the conversion rate.

Nielsen proposed 3 classic web metrics, and these 3 metrics play a key role in improving the conversion rate of web pages. If you can write on these indicators, you can make a more successful website, and then run a more successful company.

search engine ranking

if your site search is on the first page of the search page, you think it has something to do with your industry, then your company really doesn’t need to exist on the internet. Because the fact is that only 2% of online users will go to the first page of the next search results. Through several months of SEO work, daily content updates and good interface design, you can get into the first page of the search engine.

user loyalty

is an index for visitors who repeatedly visit your website, which is defined as "visitor>" in Google Analytics

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