Dai Renguang graduated from the business experience to share with the webmaster said

I started a business plot from the University College, remember the first "entrepreneurial" is to sell Internet card, is a new school, I found an Internet cafe and a classmate (WebUnion, then Daan Tianma Cafe) at a low price to get the Internet card, sell only need to pay the money, for the first time. So it was a bit shy, new bedroom door to knock, then some courage to go, sell some Internet cafes card, the rest of the class to the students, a total count down to earn less than 100 yuan, at the time the feeling is really not easy to make money.

later contact with the site, the site of a contact interest triggered at any moment, I feel exposed to the world’s most magical things, just beginning to do is static page DIY, contact all kinds of websites later, the first site is a financial station, mainly at the time in the financial aspects of learning what does a website do to collect learning materials for yourself, give yourself also in learning financial knowledge is a focus, add articles through the forum Post Bar day in and day out, know how to promote the website, the website was not much traffic, only about 500IP, a good case is only 1000IP however, when the stock market is crazy, but a lot of money, a lot of people to contact advertising, later in 4 of the time, also made a website, called stocks Search, a navigation station classification on the stock, but is a subdivision of the navigation station, the website traffic reached 8000IP, but at the time to go out looking for work, so there is no good thing to consider the site to make money, then the stock search site for a long time did not care, by Baidu K, then the space forgot to renew, the data would be so lost.

got the first working unit is in Ali mother, when the whole team or in the Alibaba project, Ma Yun’s apartment, a house lakeside garden, during that time, I feel that we have learned a lot, the post is called "BD", is mainly responsible for the site, occasionally participate in Web site activities planning, feel that the atmosphere of the team is really very good, every team has its own index, a group of people in a day called "vigorously engage", with funny customers, we will share the happiness together, and several companions at Ali mother practice together are very good. Friendship. About two months internship, leaving the mother of Ali company, returned to school, participated in the "project data analyst" training. At that time, I didn’t want to do any work in particular. I would like to work in the field of data analysis related to my major (Mathematics and applied mathematics).

after the project data analyst training on the project data analyst certificate, enter a 3G company, Hangzhou color extension of wireless media, when the company is the main mobile phone number of the user, we do the analysis of precision marketing, but later moved in the "message" incident, and mobile 3G business cooperation is all stopped, then the company’s profit problems, our data.

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