Do online marketing forum a month of experience

Network Marketing Forum officially opened from May 21st, has been more than a month. As you can see, this forum is much better now than it was just when it was one or two people online. Among them, the feeling is very deep, write casually and make a souvenir.

say now first grade: PR in June 25th from 0 was updated to 3 people network marketing forum keywords tread on air; row to Baidu second, this is included in Baidu’s June 11th was ranked second; that’s a surprisingly happy; network marketing in Baidu keyword page tenth this is, in the update this month 25 days after. Between 11-25, has been ranked in the twentieth page of Baidu; PV over 1000, IP over 100, Baidu included more than 300……. Although these results are not very big, but for me, it is also very happy. Look at the daily traffic has increased, how can not make people happy


forum in the construction stage, what have not been finalized, the unceasing revision and change, the plate of high popularity, which is the bottom, slowly will see it; in order to increase the popularity and set up a special free display and free enterprise show two plates, which can advertise to the forum friend, but please remember, do not send the Ministry of illegal and harmful information, otherwise the consequences. In Xinxiang friends help, establish a forum for the first super qq group, for the exchange of learning, and group sharing also has a lot of not much information Oh! If you are interested please add group (62462138 is advertising, ha ha). Forum also encourages members to post measures: all registered members to post regulations, you can contact me. This forum will provide you with the release version of mail bulk and group search software to you, worth more than 800. In order to welcome everyone posting, gathered popularity. I hope the forum will maintain a good momentum of development.

the most important is the forum’s post, we all know: now is the content is king. No matter what website, there must be good content, this is the kingly way. But in view of their own personal ability and energy are not likely to write a lot of articles, so the content did not, most are copied from the internet. It is hereby declared that if the article in this forum damages your rights and interests, please let me know the first time, and I will tear it down for the first time. Now the main issue of the forum is that there are not many posts. The most daily increase is at more than 100, and there are only twenty or thirty posts when there are fewer. This also includes a personal reply to the post, is not issued a new theme of the post. However, these posts are also my carefully chosen, and not just send some useless posts up, this we can make your evaluation. I intend to send three months post, as long as the BBS system in more than 3000, as far as possible to 5000, should be able to say almost. Then the content of the post can be further optimized and innovative, and so on. This is also the future.


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