Financial turmoil crisis and station owners

as everyone knows, 08 years from now until the financial crisis has become increasingly fierce, from falling house prices, foreign trade is blocked, bank failures, factory production, jobs are increasingly scarce and so on, all have a great influence on our daily life, so in this crisis, we webmaster how to seek survival and development will be a priority we think.


is in crisis, Chinese explanation has two layers: risk and opportunity risk before, that risk is the objective existence and the first feeling, opportunities, and opportunities that are dependent on risk, no threat no opportunity, of course, we are not a financial and economic experts of science, so we are obviously from the life of the hand feeling and analysis and common way of thinking to solve the difficulties.

from our website industry, last year early Ma Yun’s "ready for winter" initiative and the theory that we believe may not, but until now, few people may not go to doubt, because we have been wrapped in the clothes but still can not resist the rush of fishes chill.


Wuxi Pentium computer information technology Co. Ltd., also in this storm, crumbling struggling old customers because of the damn financial storm collapsed to a termination, the European and American enterprises, a Sino foreign joint venture enterprises, mainland enterprises, also local enterprises of course, thriving local government organs and units is still a pie. This…… Let me feel, with a big brother to take the lead in a life-and-death matter is what a thing ah! However, in this financial turmoil, a trend which cannot be halted represent the general trend, we also see a lot of companies to seize this opportunity, thus entered a booming, circled and excellent opportunities for development of the industry so as to be the tide and smile to the future. Especially the local small and medium-sized enterprises, because small scale, layout is small, so the influence is very small, so re adjustment, positioning, layout operation, and very calm and calm. Finally seize the opportunity, but also won the development.

say to our webmaster, although Ma, Ma Huateng, Shi Yuzhu, Ding Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang, Li Ran, Mao Kankan and many other influential man has super in Webmaster position crown and CEO titles, but after all, is a model and example of our IT session, but it should also belong to the same industry: Based on the website as the main information service products company. Their flag is our direction marker, so how can we refer to and use this direction,


through the comparison we find that you are outstanding above model network industry information service industry, to our existing financial and material resources, manpower and energy has not imitation and transcendence, but it enlightens us to selected industries to the depth of excavation and development, and give full play to the advantages and potential of us. For example, we Wuxi Pentium computer company, is committed to "using IT technology to serve the community" as our mission. Focus on business for the region alone

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