Share some of my experience as a forum site

forum now everywhere, some forum is very powerful, even millions of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands IP, regional (e.g. a county Forum) and practical (such as stock forum), the industry (such as chemical industry), pure forum type (Tianya, Katie), the degree of development of Chinese these sites or BBS are already beyond your imagination, but more is those small forum, every day only a few hundred IP, dozens of posts, and some of his hair is so much! I still engage in a forum, the forum that it belongs to the small, although only a few hundred IP. But I believe it will get better and better, IP will be more and more, now summarize my experience:

1 new sites, sure to major search engine login submit your web site, let people know, by search engine is the best method, is also the most difficult, included more, the crowd comes more.

2 to you often post BBS, change your personality signature, advertising to your site, increase the reverse connection, is conducive to included.

3 builds blogs on a number of large BSP, the blog name and author’s best name is your website, and then write some articles on the web site, which contains links to your website.

4, when the original article is insufficient, through search engines to search related articles to reprint, increase the content of the website, want to know the content is kingly way.

5 through QQ, MSN friends to promote their own small station, the first batch of members is relying on these people. Wait until the station began to take shape, can consider to do Links, or if it is a large forum that you do this website, it only need to add a plate, enough to destroy you, it is said that early appearance is not very good, at least until the search engine search station the row on the first page.

6 regularly do a good job of backing up the database and files of the forum, so as to avoid a tragic problem. This is very important.

7, if possible, consider advertising your website, adding ads to other sites, and increasing popularity.

8, and finally, the most important one is: multiple quality original posts. An original, like many reprinted articles.

above are collected summary, for reference only, but also please criticize correction! AD under the younger brother’s Web site,, thank you

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