My experiences in A5 contributed to thinking saying goodbye copying and copying

          SEO in almost two years, but still contribute four months ago, in fact, is the first A5 submission I had just done SEO not long, that was when I heard the soft Wen contribute the chain is the fastest and most effective and so on came to the A5, the first submission in life, at the time of the SEO is not very understanding, write out what a good article, so I went to other blogs copy an article, depressed people is several times without the. After this, it was almost shelved for more than a year, until this year’s August began to contribute again, this time there is no copy of other people’s articles, their original. But it is still not easy to pass, and made a few times, did not pass, the heart of the cool ah, voted the draft people have experience. I’m just a regular SEO, I believe some celebrities, masters, and the like are easy to pass. But we like the most ordinary webmaster, the style is not how to write, are some people wrote something, not what idea, want to go into the A5 editing stuff is really not easy ah.

            so I also thought of a dirty doings of ghosts and gods to copy others blog content of high quality, and then get rid of some information, copyright and author to revise, modify the most important place is the title and author information, that is to write an appeal but not in the search engine’s title. Then tell yourself, this is my article, and then contribute. Here, I have to admire the A5 editor’s fierce, incredibly pass rate is particularly low, probably a few days to muddle past one. At that time my heart is depressed, but I’m not a loser, so a large number of registered A5 account, a large number of contributors, trying to amount to win, I chat with my colleagues say that this is a game with A5 editing. Then one day a vote of twenty or thirty, thinking of even one day by a no loss, because the copy two or three manuscript does not spend much time, often receive is to be returned, then did not change and submit, resulting in many accounts have been deleted. I guess I’ve got at least three figures in my A5 account, amazing, my friends. Of course, I’m sorry for the A5 editors. I’m here to apologize to you.

;             but today, when writing this article, is to bid farewell to this paragraph to copy and copy submissions unethical experience, Li posted as evidence. Perhaps a lot of people will ask me what has changed your approach. A few days ago saw a program called "financial Lang eyes", inside Professor Lang talked a very important point of view, that is, many of China’s things can not get the protection of intellectual property rights. It is this country without intellectual property protection that has killed trillions of cultural and creative industries and been killed by piracy. They also talk about an interesting thing

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