Novice how to write soft text

novice how to write soft


with stationmaster net "100 abstruse cereal" contest fiery, the online soft is almost everywhere. I am also a competition webmaster, but watching you write the soft text is too soft… That’s not nice point, is simply insulting readers IQ!!! What is your purpose to write soft? Not for a link! But what kind of garbage soft Wen, some people will go to turn you? You to reflect on


1. write something basic:

many people have ignored this problem, on the Internet, new people are always the most. "What is?"……" "How"?……" "What?"……" Search engines are always the most sought after topic, and the novice has them every day. They look for the answers on the Internet in large numbers. Just like the Olympic Valley game. There is no need to write some articles 100 abstruse cereal. Just write about what you like to see, or what’s good for him. What, your article reprinted obviously more, with reprinted, you are afraid of no chain import?


2. writes about some of the experiences of his life:

stories are easy to read and spread, but the story is not written by everyone. If the story is not written well, it will become a running account, and few people will patiently read the running account.

3. write something that can pop your eyes out:

is only a little violent eye to seduce, or curious, snivel story and so on to draw attention to the way the author of such content, is usually boring to play, or for the purpose of

is to attract traffic!

beginners should read more articles while writing. Extract the essence of the same kind of article. Written separately. This ensures the originality of your content. At the same time, there will be more people willing to see it!


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