Never be a lonely Blogger

since ten years ago, the emergence of the first blog, now on the Internet, all kinds of blog site variety, emerge in an endless stream. Blogs, which have been widely appreciated before, are now struggling, and most blogs on the Internet are unprofitable. We can usually see two types of blogs, one for applications on major blogs, and the other for independent domains and independent server spaces like this blog. The blog is often not let bloggers profit (part of the blog, they more except) plays a role in providing content for others, help others, it is said Web2.0 users to upload content, but in the end the most profitable or blog providers, such as Sina blog, and the blog etc.. The blog is generally has a certain ability of website bloggers commonly used for this type of blog, bloggers have absolute authority to operate on the site, can put on the advertising alliance advertising, if a certain popularity, so you can bring some blog income, which is currently the main blog site source of income.

No matter what kind of

blog, regardless of how to determine the theme of the blog, also do not consider how the popularity and development of blog, blog author (i.e. bloggers) are the most hard, hard, hard to write them, and some are even hard to survive. I think we should try our best to carry on as much as possible, and we should not be lonely bloggers.

blogger’s loneliness is manifested in many ways:

(1) cares too much about other people’s eyes,

an article from idea to determine the pen end, which the author has incorporated a lot of thought, the author wants to be in love. But often this is not so, when you publish an article out, the reader is likely to usher in a rainstorm pear like abuse, for these insults, some good, and some more is no reason to bite. This phenomenon exists widely in all aspects of the internet. Personally, I hate the Internet Navy, I feel they have accelerated the Internet is not harmonious. After the negative evaluation of such main see strong Bo, perhaps can also persist, but many bloggers are very difficult to accept these, this blogger will no longer dare to write their loneliness more and more serious, on the Internet, no one can understand me.

(2) the target and direction is not clear,

we often can see such blogs, they do not have a general theme, write a network, write shopping, write a film and television, write a business for a while. This is not a clear direction of the blog is often difficult to attract a number of readers have the same hobby, gather the weakest ability of this blog, and when bloggers found no long-term blog popularity, so bloggers will lack of motivation to continue writing. Blogger’s writing will be more negative, and their loneliness is becoming more and more serious

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