The content of operation experience four years experience

review of six years of experience doing this station, experienced during the station to make money to make the flow of garbage ranking, but found that this approach is not only hard, but also by the great strength of Baidu’s intervention is more frequent, is not stable, after the first two years of exploration and ultimately decided to go back to the right track, select the content as the core to do regular the station, with time and high quality content to eventually form the brand advantage and weight advantages, so that they can be like a tree, and eventually develop into a towering tree, the high weight will ensure a stable flow, it means a stable source of income, in fact, to nearly four today the content of station operation is indeed as expected. Operation garbage station, I did not succeed, but in the operation of content stations, or feel more have their own set of experience, mainly in the following areas:

first combines hobbies with site orientation,

operation station takes time, and whenever successful development has a lasting website all need to experience the time, so the long time of operation for the owners is a kind of test, the owners will need unremittingly, then you need to determine the site in the subject and their hobbies combined. Only is the webmaster you are really interested in and love or understanding of the field, can let you have this kind of interest as much as possible to keep for a long time, better do more long, this point is critical for long-term operation of the content, otherwise it is prone to give up things inconstant in policy, and lead to the accumulation and efforts were wasted.

second, as much as possible to segment the site’s concerns, refine

as a personal webmaster, I have to admit that my energy is limited, it is impossible to carefully run a few websites at the same time, especially you need to ensure the quality of the site. Then we must abandon the one-sided covet do station scale of unrealistic, but according to the individual’s energy situation as close as possible to the site of attention in the field of subdivision, understanding and love the realm of the selection is the core in the webmaster, users gather the most dense areas as the main direction, so as to ensure that the webmaster time and energy enough to maintain high quality content station operation requirements, the website quality can be guaranteed.

third, boutique business philosophy integration, providing quality content

to get a persistent user attention and support, improve the user for the website stickiness, we must Everfount provide quality content to visitors, for individual webmaster, is not easy to do this, so the key is to master in the field of real interest and more understanding, the two is to refine the site area of concern to ensure the limited energy to ensure the quality of the collected resources processing, can do these two make their website content quality beyond the similar website, has more advantages than the same field competition, so as to attract more users into their own here.

fourth, for originality and pseudo originality, clear >

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