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now we are more concerned about the operation of WeChat, the community is a gas product in the eyes of many people, but the community really breathe? In fact, answering and vertical field, the community has been very strong, such as we are familiar with the known community is the home of the Q & a community representative, and watercress, snowball, hornet’s nest Shanghai river network, and so is the representative of the vertical field of community.

, Li Wanqiang of millet, once said, "


community is the basis for millet users to participate in the sense of participation, millet strategy is "micro-blog pull new, forum precipitation, WeChat customer service."". Micro-blog’s strong propagation for rapid infection and spread over a wide range of people, get a new user forum for ongoing maintenance; precipitation, content operation, maintain the existing user activity; and WeChat we think of it as a super customer service platform. Obviously, the community plays a vital role in the social media marketing system of millet.

The value of

in many vertical communities is far greater than that of WeChat. For example, in the field of cloud computing, Sina cloud, Ali cloud, cloud, cloud, Jingdong Tencent Telecom cloud and other cloud computing service providers will do community, while micro-blog and WeChat investment is much smaller, basically for the new media investment will remain a stage. This is determined by the product, cloud computing products (here refers to cloud hosting and cloud engine etc.) using a high threshold, it is difficult for users to understand the products through micro-blog WeChat specifically how to use, and the official document is difficult to achieve perfection, at this time the community is a very good platform.

, here’s an example of sina’s cloud SAE:

SAE and because of the traditional space, for data security reasons such as reading and writing does not support local, many open source projects need to be transplanted, and any one of the team have no energy to open source projects and all of the mainstream plug-in transplant, which is a very huge project.

at this time, some users will transplant some of their own open source project, will share in the community, and other users will use Bug feedback, equal to help complete the test work. This is a virtuous circle, in the community of open source project transplant recipients get reputation, influence and traffic, and users have been affordable, project deployment more convenient and quick. From the product’s official point of view, the entire process does not require official input, human participation, but also greatly enhance the user experience.

my own website is the SAE user’s portable version. WordPress uses user supplied for SAE versions, Baidu sitemap, page static and other plug-ins, which are also transplanted or developed by users. Maybe you don’t know what WordPress is, but here’s a brief introduction: WordPress is a very wide open source blog program that uses WordPress to build about 10% of the world’s Web sites.


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