The five most fatal injuries in the design of foreign trade websites

  to carry out foreign trade business through a corporate Web site, may be one of the lowest cost of marketing, more and more foreign companies have opted for the construction site, through the network in the form of expanding their market share or the convenience of your old customers to understand the latest products and services. But because of the different industry, do foreign trade are not familiar with the construction site, the site is not familiar with foreign trade and foreign customers online habits and other reasons, the domestic foreign trade website has some collective problems, causing the site to advertising on the line a year or so, nor what customers, more serious is that customers are not keep, so I guess it privately: is not foreigners doing business without love to see a website? Well, the answer is negative, is actually some web design mistakes and details for you and customers to left to right away, you still in the dark. Here, according to Xie’s many years of experience and share with you, we hope to help you, imperfect, incorrect place, always welcome criticism and discussion.

‘s first fatal injury: there are a lot of English spelling or grammar mistakes in the translation of foreign trade websites, which make foreign customers feel that your company is not professional and lose confidence;

many foreign trade companies to concentrate in developed mail and advertising, but ignore the content of the website is the most basic grammar and spelling, you can find a domestic foreign trade website English browse on how many mistakes, and wrong than simply don’t put. A supplier who does not write the profiles and product descriptions accurately. How can you let foreign customers trust you to order


SOHO is some foreign trade companies to engage in their own, in order to save money, originally English level in general, their use of translation tools to change the results, not engage in English that fall into English joke, some foreign trade companies plan, from translation to web content all to site construction company, feel very easy, really easy, but the results of their own business, and imagine the general website construction to have the ability to conduct professional vocabulary translation? Is often use a translation tool Jiehuaxianfo. Most of the time, you do not know, still complaining about why spend so much advertising effect, network marketing is not a fictitious E-commerce development of others? So, what is the seventy-two martial arts cheats? Forget your words are not even the basic spell. Therefore, the content of the foreign trade website must be paid full attention to and must be carefully translated or translated by a professional translator.

second fatal injuries: foreign trade websites are often unable to open in foreign countries, or open websites as slow as Taiji;

this problem is often due to customers for cheap, cheap choice does not guarantee the quality of the host space, often the first few days very quickly and very stable, after one or two months, more and more slowly, and often not open, want a refund is impossible mission, want to change the space.

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