The stability of the server the importance of the site included

Hello, I’m V TAI, today to talk about the stability of the server on the importance of the web site included in the network Xintian! First! You can be added to the web site technical exchange group in the group of 1 has been full of communication! Please add group two: 88346802 group every day a SEO knowledge, every webmaster online to answer questions

!The stability of the

server does not mean that the server breaks down, nor does it mean that the site can not be opened. As we all know, is a charge of spider web resources station, our website at others visit open very smoothly, but hit the spider climb over the station when it appeared open or reflect the slow, so we don’t even want to collect, so the stability of the server determines a the success of a website! Many webmaster Comrades are relying on Baidu or Google search traffic to live, if the search engine is not objective, then we will not be included


group has a few friends to ask why, I stood open than you stand a long time, why do I stand just collected a few pages so poor? Dozens of pages? And station or pure static HTM them, I stood still dynamic, I stand in this update included why on page 1000? This is the stability of the server, but there are also some other factors, such as the structure of the web site and don’t change the title, and the quality of the website to find the reverse link. But the title of my website has been revised, and this collection is obviously a little less, and my website has not found several high-quality backlinks.

once I used his stand to do the test, the 3 place in the station, in the A space, included the same, but the number is not as high, B included very down, even a precursor to K station, C space, like the original. Finally, I still put the station on the Xintian network above the space. A number of space above the site, is a search engine to give the weight parameter, if the A server on top of the 100 stations, the B server on top of the 10 stations, then the weight weight B server above the station is far greater than the A space station above the


webmaster are in order to find the stable space provider worry, yes, now IDC so bad to do, and some IDC in the market downturn in the foot situation, such people are really hateful


well, that’s all. There’s a lot of interest. A5 article reprinted high, down the small station

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