The choice of virtual host when building a new station

station soon, is also quite a few detours, this two days to see further than I update the novice to buy a good space for a headache, write an experience on the temerity, and friends discuss together. Where there is a problem, welcome to correct it,

doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Don’t be superstitious. The most expensive is the best. Of course, it is possible to do business website is the best, but not necessarily suitable for you to do forums.

is not necessarily the cheapest. As the saying goes, "cheap is no good." here is the same. Very cheap space is often done by individuals, the lack of manpower, resulting in after-sale protection is difficult.

is not familiar with any space providers, do not blindly believe that network reviews, as far as possible to select the private recommendation of old users. (why say privately, as everyone knows the network of child care than to buy space may be even more):


make more people who do the website, according to their experience, or from their websites, forums, to determine what kind of space they should choose.

for the novice, do you see in the forum, installation area, such as webmaster exchange area, choose some good technical level, people are more enthusiastic about the space business products, at least to help you after site problems.

choose products with less negative news, whether in DZ, PW or other official forums, you can keyword search you interested in space providers, see members of their evaluation.

select good reputation space, good reputation, not only that space providers in the network, forums on the character, is to see members, users of their space description.

looking for space providers to some of their user’s Web site, if there is a chance to register, to the webmaster to consult. Can also according to these stations of IP, search for yourself on this IP site, more understanding. If you don’t provide a space store for your users, you give up.

initial investment, the space does not need to be too large, almost every IDC can do to pay for expansion, at this time can not only figure small space cheaper, but also look at the cost of expansion later.

to save money, pay attention to space providers to provide the database, some seem space capacity is very large, but also very cheap, but the database must be bought, it may be more expensive.

professional forums, fewer attachments forums, as far as possible to choose a larger database, or some shared hosting is space capacity and database sharing.

ten thousand Posts forum, almost 100M database is enough, according to their own needs to choose it. If your forum updates fast, traffic is large, this is not your consideration, and you should consider 10 people, 5 people, 2 people sharing or using an independent server.

those who do not choose the pompous space business, bad quality of space would not necessarily better.


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