SEO tutorial thirteenth how should SEO customize the site’s strategic positioning at different times

SEO tutorial, a long time and did not write, and many friends have opinions. So, recently, I was also in order to meet the needs of friends, suddenly sleep tonight, a little feeling, it will share the experience. SEO tutorial, there are many versions, but Baidu a bit, and now the evening ranking is second, but the day has been in the 11 or so. I thought a lot, and I didn’t know what to think about. I thought about the questions I had asked me recently. I was still aiming at the problem and gave you some suggestions and personal experience.

SEO tutorial thirteenth: how SEO should make strategies out of the short, medium and long term development of the website. Recently, many of my friends are confused and often ask me how to develop short, medium, and long term websites. In fact, now people get down to do the optimization of fewer people, if you just want to do rankings, ranking it, really interesting? Take a month to 2000, to be honest, I feel a little unworthy, remember a few days ago, and several friends SEO development direction. SEO direction is actually very good, especially network marketing, that is, SEM, and now attention is not much, but there have been experts began to engage in SEM work.

why talk about SEM, because this is the core of e-commerce. Understanding of e-commerce friends know that in twenty-first Century is still the world of e-commerce, and now Taobao’s operating capacity exceeded 100 million yuan per day, the effect can be seen ah. Therefore, more and more people are engaged in Internet marketing. But there are few people who can really make a lot of money. SEM more and more, but less and less money, or the right way to find it. SEM how to operate, concrete should be according to different products, different services, I think you are different views.

SEO tutorial, SEM marketing, engaged in website optimization time longer and longer, many personal Adsense more and more do not know which direction to develop. Many people should do network marketing, many people engaged in website operation, many people engaged in website construction and so on. SEO strategy continues to change, many people pay attention to the construction of SEO content, many people engaged in the construction of the chain, so many people bubble BBS, many people send an outside chain and so on, but the effect is still good. So many people say that SEO is hard labor, but is that really the case? Do companies need such machines,


SEO tutorial, SEO method is there, but the specific problems encountered, each person is different, everyone is not the same, I wrote a tutorial is not comprehensive, but for some people or help. After a year of SEO honed, in fact, SEO industry can still feel great. Moreover, the prospect of the development of the SEO industry is very unstable, so in this industry is also very good. However, the current market is also very confusing, there are different levels, and very messy

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