The three stage of the construction of the chain the three step strategy to help the site success

A part of the

to search engine is the site of the chain, and the chain for the website core is the website, but a website in certain stage the outer chain construction method different way can not be like the same way in the search engine appears to be over, but different methods and skills to be able to make the search engine to give more attention to the website.

for a web site from the start line to the last page ranking is nothing more than to have three processes: pre – mid – Website Website Web site later, and these three processes should be corresponding to the three chain construction stage, the construction of the chain site early stage should focus on promoting the construction of the chain website ranking, mid stage in order to improve the keywords ranking second, and the chain construction site later should enhance third keywords and stability keywords ranking, let’s talk about the specific practices.

phase 1: site initial stage,


website has just started, if no chain is impossible to lure more search engine spiders, so at this stage we should all agglomeration strength to enhance the home key website ranking, such as our web site is www+***+com, then point to the construction of the chain site of our initial stage should all point to www+***+com, by this point can quickly home accumulation weights, which will improve the ranking website keywords home to Baidu’s top 20, the top 20 after the rankings chain effect is gradually weakened, this time must pay attention to the user experience.

second stage: website development stage

After the home key

website ranking progress to the top 20, this time to play the chain construction strategy we must modify the previous all point to the home page of the external links for the transition from a change, let us website column page also appears in the organic chain before the advice: choose a 2-4 column page website the most reasonable, then in batches to set up the chain, so the construction chain in the column page of our website keywords will also increase with the number of users click into the search engine home page and column page keywords, we also gradually appear and improve after the improvement, column page keywords to search engine front page 20, the chain construction stage the next strategy appeared again.

third stage: site stability phase

website development to a certain time will need stability, and the construction of the chain we are, we can not have the web site outside of the chain to the home page and column page, we also need to have more keywords ranking, so the strategy for the construction site outside the chain have to split from, on the site in the early the first page of the chain direction, then by pointing according to the daily website page, and this process is continuous, in the continuous process in May every few days there is a new.

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