Thousand person stationmaster lecture fifty third domain name expert jumps to talk about how to und

Thousands of lecture organized by the Federation of Anhui Internet

old K has presided over the fifty-third period, the guests wear Changsha Yue, Hunan, the real estate network ( founder, 2003 came into contact with the Internet, in 2004 began to enter the domain name investment industry, has been committed to research and operation on site, the domain name for spare time interest and investment, has been active in the Internet industry.

after 5 years of hard work and accumulation, a jump with a Hunan local 2 well-known website of Hunan recruitment network ( and Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan real estate network ( and hundreds of quality domain names, such as,,,,,,,,,,, domain name. 2 Hunan websites have been favored by the capital, but Dai Yue feel that the time is not mature, politely refused.

Dai Yue now has a higher position in the next 5 years, decided to focus on investment in the real estate network, for the real estate network is to build the national first-class real estate portal, good service for hundreds of millions of buyers and the majority of the people. Congratulations to thousands of lecture membership of nearly 3000 people, 500 people before the 6 army was almost full, there are only three groups (500 people) have a small number of seats plus interest, group number: 17581177. Please enter the group with registered UID. Thank you for your support for thousands of webmaster lectures. At present, all 52 collection address for Do=mtag& tagid=399 every Monday will be the public lecture in the end! Please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

this lecture is Chinese new year before the arrival of the last stage, the next to years on behalf of the Anhui Internet Alliance Network and Chinese colleagues to give you the webmaster thanks to the early, I wish you a tiger in the new year the website more prestige.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

Dai Yue: Hello everyone, to share the good news, today sold 4 a domain name, the price is not high, but it is proved that CN Oh, good domain name or a market,, said the direct subject. We are most concerned about the problem now is what kind of investment and how to invest.

now invest in more than one hundred thousand people in the domain name, basically, you want a good domain name, it is impossible to register. 1, 3.COM digital CN 4 digital.COM currently has investment value and potential for good spelling. In 2009, I bought 38000 and sold it in less than 2 months

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