Why is the site updated regularly but the engine doesn’t include it

1, your site has submitted? There are many friends from the site construction completed to the website operation, has not submitted to the engine related content and the chain release, leading to the engine does not know you have such a site exists.

2, your site is a spider to visit? The official code we usually recommend that users use Baidu Webmaster Tools "professional," and "love" was coined to view individual station system, query system was not the authority of the launch of Baidu. So we’re going to see if the spider has a visit to your station, and we recommend using Baidu webmaster statistics tools. Note: many users will use the general webmaster tools and love stand to search their site information, but often find their Baidu weight is 0 or 1, Baidu is expected to flow to 0, but the vine design should emphasize that Baidu is weighing 0 or 1 of the station, there is no natural flow of so-called natural flow? Only the engine through a long tail keywords and drew the flow. In fact, many of the webmaster data we see is 0, in fact, in Baidu tools will still find data. So that our site is still promising,


3, your site is indexed page? Is your site if there are directory navigation, we generally recommend the use of navigation text instead of images, because Baidu will not read the picture, he belongs to the code, more often just grab text and code.


4, your homepage? Why should we be concerned about the snapshot, Baidu snapshot files to the page and the actual difference, your site will help the engine, you can through the snapshot comparison; if your site and snapshots are different, so you can view your site is the extensive use of JS effects, flash, the big picture, lead spider can not crawl, your content is not recognized. No identification of your site can not be identified, then it will lead to the site will also be unable to be included. A lot of enterprises station, company station time for Internet companies in the design of the site, the first step is very unusual flash or pictures, forcing the user to click on the picture below to enter the page, this shape in Baidu he is not recognized, so the design of this vine also exhorted the practices of enterprise.

5, the site was a high degree of repetition: Although many users say my site is original, why repeat my website is too high? Because many companies are using the CMS station by station, so a lot of head, bottom frame, duplicate content has more than text, the site of the company a LOGO, a picture will be handed to the enterprise. Why this site is not good, because Baidu is not your website, he is reading your website, your site source too close, he will be given a message, this excessive duplicate content without charge.

6, website domain name: whether had the illegal site, before you buy the domain name if there is someone to use the domain name as illegal websites, it could lead to Baidu not included here is not to emphasize the design of rattan; this topic, because everyone is.

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