Take advantage of the hot spot Operation website which is something you must have

even if your site is not a news source, or the collection site, but the construction of the day is every webmaster do, of course, a law-abiding, the article may be attracted to two people, but this article basically is not what meaning! Because now society, there are a few people will be sitting here. Quietly, to see a "academic"?! in Hefei talent network Xiaobian several months of webmaster experience, the site every day will update a lot about the experience of looking for work, job responsibilities like the article, in the background of a look, updated daily so many articles, in view of the almost no this article is not really what value for the website.

in small series, the content of the website is still under construction so, seemingly professional degree is very high, but a few people will start to see the tail? So professional article really need to build, but why can’t we give hot leave a place? In fact, Xiaobian every morning to have to look at the website data one day, after more than a period of time, I found a hot news, hot questions are very popular, very much from the page visitors to the website, he regardless of the length of stay, why can’t we use heat to operate the site, the drainage of



actually, what is not to rely on hot drainage method, a lot of stationmaster on occasion, but want to through a hot success attracted traffic, is that you have to have some quality. If you want to take advantage of "hot spots", then please Xiaobian read


1, the first time to find hot spots in order to have advantages,

hotspot is a time, one of the news yesterday, today you have belatedly found it, then the search engine has tens of thousands of related information, how do you get the advantage? So promptly found it, then timely response is the key.

some time ago "UNIQLO incident", a WeChat users posted to their circle of friends, to bring a lot of traffic estimation. Of course, first of all, the friend found in time, and then promptly sent to his circle of friends, you can imagine, this friend of WeChat certainly came a lot of new powder. Therefore, if we want to use hot spot drainage, we must seize the timeliness.

2, this news is sure to be red. Then choose it decisively,

Many webmaster want to use

to heat the hot fried hot yourself, you choose to fire up, which requires the buddies have sufficient discretion, of course, this also can be said to be a kind of ability, not everyone can follow the wind Oh


in Hefei talent network Xiaobian daily hot topics, has been associated with selection and their products is the primary consideration, there are a few really fire up, it may be a small series of good luck! If you want to ask that what kind of news will fire, sorry. Xiao Bian also don’t know, you have to stand.

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