Why doesn’t your website make money Old stationmaster have something to say

as a mixed on the Internet in more than ten years old, although I now also operates several sites, but it is not a successful webmaster, for me, the website construction, website operation, website optimization, website promotion is more like my hobby instead of occupation.

in the world of Internet, I think that every day there are a lot of endless things, the progress of technology, the emergence of new things, every time will be most incisive by some high IQ people circle use, really is to let a person as the acme of perfection. In some people earn basin full earthen bowl overflow, another unknown to the public, laboring population to crops, which in the end is what


in fact, this is mainly some of our comrades are very lovely, when doing one thing often don’t want to think about it. I always love to go step by step, but if you wanted to go to the East, but you don’t have any plans and measures, will not be because the waves, halfway through the storm cause you have turned into an eastward direction towards the west of it, and now you have no compass or compass, so this absolutely ignorant of not knowing, at this time, you, the harder you will be far away from your goal of getting.

well, what should we do to plan a website that can really make money? I’ll give you a brief account of four aspects: website building, website operation, website optimization and website promotion. The construction site I will not say more, and this is not my specialty, so here I Needless to say. Below I mainly carry on the website operation which I have been engaged in, the website optimization as well as the website promotion work, simply talks about own shallow view.

first of all, I would like to talk about website operations.

on the Internet in the last ten years, I have seen too much of the site is set up, and quietly went down, do good, they still remain in Baidu, do not seem to never can be included in Baidu. But there are so many people who are keen on the Internet. We don’t know much about them. And now, with the simplification of the website construction process, a person has

has dozens of hundreds of site is not what difficult, but really do good several? Big team in our discussion list, I say the more the kind of personal or business by or as interest and set up the site. Many people in the construction site, did not think too much, most people think that buying space, choose a good template, OK, website construction is finished, the rest is to update the article, send the chain.

how many webmaster can say that he is not so, stand up and give a hand! I think most of the webmaster is like this, so you don’t feel shy, what is that such a result, when the enthusiasm and interest in, many people will still insist on Oh, but once the interest not in or have other incentives appear, that many people will.

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