Resource integration in order to win a win win task the supply and demand areas for both sides to b

now the society, that is resource sharing and information integration, "specialize in", everyone’s project is not the same, some handy of website promotion marketing; some of the construction technology have great originality someone write soft, handy, in short, everyone is the master key each are not identical, with their own special surf the internet.

, however, is not always perfect, is not comprehensive, not only technical, but also good at promotion, can write a good article all rounder is minority after all, therefore, to the integration of resources, through the integration of development, re allocation of resources can be better and better.

with the increasing demand, we can see more and more cash tasks. By paying a certain amount of money, please do some technical or soft writing. Adsense network forum, pay station, imitation station and technical services, is such a platform, to demand and technology providers, a trading platform of the third party. A lot of strong technical strength in the webmaster A5 pay the mission area to achieve a monthly income of thousands or tens of thousands of dreams; there are also many webmaster to solve many technical problems do stand through this platform, to achieve the dream of the site.

webmaster network interview article "interview A5 orders Wang: within a year hundreds of single individual net income of 40 thousand more than", "less than a year of part-time orders nearly 100 pen A5 and I indissoluble bound" tells the story of a few stationmaster pay in A5 task area to achieve Wangzhuan example. In the mission area, achieve every month tens of thousands of orders, from the working group, to Wangzhuan owners, at home with a monthly income of thousands. As long as you have the skills, you can make a profit as long as you can pick up a task list and complete the task. Realize your income through technology and apply your knowledge.

payment platform is the mission area convenient problem for the webmaster, some Adsense in network marketing is very powerful but not good at technology, pay a fee, will be able to achieve the technical problems of imitation station, site modification, installation, operation and maintenance, server plug-in content input, write acquisition rules; website promotion, or find someone SEO technology and other issues, in short, as long as you pay a fee, can achieve any problem in this website. Rather than work hard and spend a lot of time trying to figure out technical problems, it’s better to spend money on people to handle them, and then you have more time to think about website promotion and operation. Don’t waste too much time on problems without technical or complex problems. Time is precious after all.

of course, cash tasks mean transactions, and how to ensure smooth and safe trading is also a big issue for buyers and sellers who are not familiar with each other. Every stationmaster has different transactions around them, and the virtual nature of the network provides the soil for the liar. Therefore, it is urgent to choose an honest and reliable third party platform. The pay task area for the A5 Forum provides a lot of coverage for webmasters

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