West Lake Liu Hanfan and webmaster share local station operating experience

December 25th, hosted by Ali cloud’s phpwind phpwind 40 national city tour ShenZhen Railway Station exchange ended, the exchange will have a total of more than 200 guests attended the local station, Guangdong area, West Lake portal founder Liu Hanfan attended and made a keynote speech, sharing with the majority of the participants in station operation experience.

speech, Liu Hanfan tells the story of the early start of the website development, and from 0 to 1 and participants share the West Lake from the site in how to make the three win-win activities such as the case, let us hear the webmaster to forget the time. Liu Hanfan from a personal webmaster development to today, a large local gateway to the head, its experience is rich and tortuous, but also inspiring. West Lake was founded in 2002, initially only one Liu Hanfan business, after 8 years of efforts, has become the daily unique visitors 120 thousand, PV180 million, a large local portal site team and has more than 70 people, have a certain influence on the local, belonging to the leader in local site. Activities at the site in the West Lake, online and offline both launched Shengyunhui publicity activities, online public donations and large car group purchase, resource integration promotion, thousand Kanlou mission and a series of activities, these businesses, not only to the West Lake has brought benefits, but also to the majority of users to bring affordable and convenient three, promote win-win.

According to Liu Hanfan

, the West Lake to development today, mainly rely on local resources to promote activities, word-of-mouth and other ways to accumulate users, service users in principle, allow the user to understand and love the West Lake, to provide more information for their service. At the same time, the success of the West Lake is also inseparable from the help of phpwind. First of all, the development of Community Electronic Commerce West Lake and phpwind are common, have recognized the future prospects of e-commerce community; service concept is similar, both for the majority of customers, with sincere attitude and dedication to service customers. West Lake to the phpwind system, phpwind for the West Lake provides such as platform building and other technical support. At the same time phpwind in the Alibaba group support, launched the Amoy Amoy satisfaction, links and other products, is committed to creating a community e-commerce ecosystem is awesome, to a large extent to meet the needs of the West Lake Community e-commerce; phpwind and Taobao for the integration of resources, the introduction of outstanding Taobao business resources, which also opened up the Easy Access community of electronic commerce for West Lake, West Lake when successfully converted to the phpwind8.0 version, highlighting the community e-commerce advantages, its website revenue increased greatly. In cooperation with phpwind, West Lake on the road to the development of local portals continue to move forward.

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