On the road to struggle is there SNS tomorrow The voice of a small stationmaster

wanted to sleep, but to see the small East Baidu space article, immediately sleepy, want to write something.

, dear friends, how are you doing? I’ve been short of contact with you lately. I wonder if you’re all right,


, as Xiao Dong said, "we are all struggling, we are fighting on different paths, even though our ways are different, we are all struggling.".

in August 7th, I opened the new Taobao store with little East. Although it’s still just charging mobile phone calls, we will be bigger. In the process of opening a shop, we have the support of your friends, thank you for your support and concern. Some of my friends, although we have never touched each other, have been communicating online, and have supported me greatly, which has moved me deeply. Especially the Xia Lei brothers, his Baidu blog is doing well, the average daily traffic of nearly five hundred, the highest four thousand and five hundred day visit, made me a Links, help me to China house off the network (www.chinazhaike.com) and quick easy filling up the chain store to recharge. I really appreciate it. Today, he asked me if my browser had gone up. If not, it’s not his blog. Care about me too much.

, as well as my two cousins, a private space that has signed his QQ personality, has been released, advertising me, one has already published a new log, and also advertising for me.

and my cousin, also published in the QQ space log.

and the friends we’ve just met, they all support us so much! Thank you very much!


, my friends, thank you! That’s all I can say. My QQ is 500, which do not know no more than 80, basically have speech, of course, a Mr. Lin Zhenggang, former president of CISCO Greater China and Chengdu, a small gift to see sir, the other basically all chat. 80% of my classmates, teachers, friends, and 10% are some friends I met on the internet. Now, I have reached my friend’s upper limit and the trumpet is officially opened. I’m really grateful to you for all the attention you’ve taken to me. I’ll refuel,


clearly, Taobao’s road is not a smooth road, especially in the Taobao heat up today. Obviously, we started a bit late, or rather late, relative to the ashes of Taobao sellers, we are really small rookie. Even so, we are still on the road full of confidence, and hope that the more wide, the more smooth.

has such a sentence in "the catcher in the Rye": a symbol of the mature man is not a cause for courage to sacrifice themselves, a mature man marking for a live humbly.

likes this sentence very much, always reminds me of Mr. Lao She’s "teahouse" inside the shopkeeper Wang li. He is a mature man, >

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