How to allocate equity in partnership

venture because there is a risk, the need for a lot of capital, there is the phenomenon of partnership entrepreneurship. Since entrepreneurship involves the interests, even if the relationship should be a good partner should be determined before the venture equity relationship. Today, we share the design of equity partners   9  point of common sense, I hope to help you.

two.    or  partnership interests; the spirit of partnership?

before the founder said, I hold a 90% stake in   the whole team to set aside   10% stake, to my future   CTO,   COO,   CFO…… Company equity less, not enough points ah. This is not a partnership venture, which is to give people a reward.

before the founder asked, my partner need to know other people’s equity? Do I need a partner to know the company’s financial data? This is not a partnership venture, this is a one-man show.

before the founder order said,   the 100% is my,   is my 100% stake. The partner’s share of ownership, I gave him. Too deep into the play. Your partner, you can spend a little money, registered a company, turn over to do the master, give you a stake in, good. The question is, do you want it?

before a "partner" founder China tone, don’t open business partner and best friend. In your suffering from the force to the cow, but not cattle, may not be able to force the way cattle, in addition to your old classmates, old colleagues, fellow, old friends, and even his wife, mom…… Is there anyone else willing to follow you and run away? Good friends can not partner in the foundation, it is possible to be a partner in the venture? New Oriental three carriages, Tencent of Wuhu, Ali eighteen…… Which is not a good foundation partnership entrepreneurship?

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